Thursday, September 23, 2010

Spending Minute And My Not-So-Happy Feet

Another selfish, elfish and a lame post.

So I have spent my minute Eidi. I am happy.

Yesterday was an awfully awesome day. In the morning, I was real high (now don't get the wrong meaning. Was only in high spirit). I wore my new favourite dress, had a light breakfast (breakfast happens to me very rarely). My friends and I had planned to go to the mall since it was Wednesday. Wednesday is a 'Free' day, so free that we don't bother to go to college most Wednesdays. We have one lecture, sometimes a community trip and then 5 minutes long Phantom head. Rest of the hours are spent by yawning, talking, waiting and eating. Only good students go to the Library to study. Anyway. At college, Hafsah showed up. Surprise, surprise! She was in Kuwait. We did not know she would be coming. We were all chatter and smiles. I had asked her to bring me a very cute (and expensive) stuffed toy, a Unicorn. So there goes some of my eidi.

Please don't say it is ugly like my dad did. I Love it.
Trip: Noisy kids who giggled, poked their tongues out when we asked them to open their mouth and they had to make comments as soon as we turned, weird teachers who kept glaring at us as if we were there to steal the teeth, the evil fat headmistress who made sure every kid had displayed their mouths to us, the stupid mouse of the assistant who wanted us to cover our faces with masks and wear stupid gloves. I checked 21 kids. That's a lot. (yes we count, too) I was dying!

Then we heard we are having an extra class of Oral Anatomy, 1 hour and 30 minutes long. Yuck! We bunked.

Mall: After this nightmare, we had a happy time and some happy meal. We went to the mall, tired as hell. We still managed to have fun, I got myself a cute clutch and a stone bracelet.

Yes. I know. It was not supposed to be Pink. Say you like it.

We were about to go when something happened to my poor feet. They went stiff. Like duh! I could not walk. It was one of the most embarrassing things happened to me. I was laughing but I wanted to cry too. Helpless feeling and the stupid pain. After some massaging, I was able to walk (I felt, and probably looked, like a little baby taking her first step). Asma got to wear my heels and I got her flat sandal. I hate flat sandals and she hate heels.

Home: In my lovely bed for hours. I missed college too.

I feel Better now.

Sidrah xx o(^-^)o


quartertoinsane said...

its not ugly... jst needy...

majworld said...

gud..u had fun time :) get better soon..

Komal Ali said...

:) Surprises are THE best part of one's life. At least, I think so.

I like the pouch; love it, in fact. :) And the stuffed toy is SO cute. Awwn.

Ubaid said...

awww, heels on girls fit hoti hain :D

college miss kerna mujh say kabhi naa hua. I hate my habit of being regular =/

Tazeen said...

I lurve the fluffly unicorn! And pouch is W-O-W! I wish I had one like that too!

I put whatever little Eidi I had in my cell phone savings account :( So I can't get something little for myself.

The parts about oral anatomy and checking kids' teeth were funny :D Though I've never done that, I'd like to try! :D

Missed your blog while I was away, moping!

R said...

No, ur unicorn is not ugly - it looks like it's sad though :P And I love the clutch!

Sidrah said...


@majworld n komal
thanku ^^

am regular too, but i do miss it in a while =)

good! i cannot save money at all =o
Don't mope too much plz!

@ ms. r
Clutch! Yes. That's the word! Thanku ^^

Alpha Za said...

The Unicorn is cute. Though the eyes seem unusually hypnotic. Awesome!

naved said...

was fun to read your post :) though ur gift is CUTE :)

Najwa Pervin said...

I hope your foot is better now ! The unicorn looks adorable :)

Princess said...

awwwwwwwwweeeeeeeeee I love the stuffed unicorn <3

I hate it when something happens to me in the mall like I trip or something it is just too embarrassing ... good to know that you feel better :)
Your trip sounded boring =/ good that you visited the mall it always feels great to shop especially with friends :)
Again I loveeeee the unicorn :D

[[[ x Smiley x ]]] said...

your unicorn in adorable :)
named it yet?

Yours Truly said...

That's a cutee unicorn man!

Nostalgic said...

Missed reading your posts, siduu :) I hope your foot is well now :) and that's such a cuuteee unicorn!

Nisha said...

hii.. so here commenting to make you happy..but this not the only reason.. I really liked your post.. particularily its language and writig style. Its language is very light.

Nas said...

The unicorn looks like it needs a big hug!

As for the anatomy. Tauba. Looking in people's mouths all day would really send me to sleeeep =P.

PINK?! PINK?! haha. I'm not going to say anything =P.


Sidrah said...

it is not a gift =o

the trip was annoying >_<

i call it just 'unicorn' Oo

@nostalgic n najwa
yes yes, its good now =) <3

awwie thanku

i like that =D

I wanted blue or purple.. but there was only pink n green =|


Impossible said...

hmmm good:)
i havent spent it yet :(

Sidrah said...


you should, you should! =o

Goal said...


Sidrah said...


Sana Castellano said...

I still have half of my eidi. =] I'm gonna buy a big stuff toy too. I just need to save a bit more. xD

lol. =p how do you doo it... i'd rather do a digital rectal examination than a digital mouth one *eww* =p whats wrong with me.

i lovee ur unicorn, do u hug it to sleep? i would if i had it. and i LURVE ur pink wallet. *i want*

Aww ur feet *hugs* I hope there' good now? Mine went crazy too kuch din pehle. Tell you when we meet.

Sidrah said...

get a huge one, about your bed's size =D i want one too!
my feet creeped me out -__-

no the unicorn is in the cupboard. Typical me =)

P.s. and sana, setiously, digital rectal examination???? :s no one in their mind would do that. N all doctors check their patients mouth anyway o.O say AAA.