Saturday, September 4, 2010

Sparkling Sullen and Freaky Emma

I Heart weekends! o(^_^)o

So I downloaded Aisha and Vampires Suck last night. Happily, I lied down on my cushions.. bag of chips all ready to be eaten sat beside me. I decided to watch Vampires Suck first. It is a vampire spoof film based on the Twilight film series. (I had this feeling Aisha would be more fun, I saved the best for the last). I was disappointed, so very much.


The Reasons you should watch Vampires Suck:

Edward Sullen wasn't as gay as Edward Cullen.
Jacob was hotter. He wasn't a wolf but a cute little ugly puppy
Bella was Becca
It has Vulgar comedy (some people are into Vulgar, you know)

Well. That's all about it. Yes, am not a good movie reviewer. Still you just know it when you see a good movie. Only Jennifer did some good in Vampires Suck. Rest of it sucks, big time.

Coming to Aisha.. Have you guys seen good old Clueless? It was a total copy of it. Desi version *dead* They didn't even try to change most of the the dialogues! I like Abhay Deol *crushed* there wasn't much of him in the movie =| *disappointments and disappointments*

Who says it is a copy of Emma? More important.. Why?? Oo

Indian movies are hardly worth watching these days. I wish they would make more like Wake Up Sid, Dev d and Fashion (now those were some fun movies!).

Tonight am going to waste some more time (downloading Salt).

Went shopping today. Bought cute little earrings and some nail colors (green, gray and peach). Now all I want is some eyeshades.. and that will be it!

Am not into writing stories and poem these days.. I wonder why =o

Sidrah o(^-^)o


Nostalgic said...

Well, tonight I'm looking forward to watching Vampires Suck =D lets see if it worth my time :)

Btw, Salt is one good movie, watched it yest, Angelina looks fab!

Sidrah said...

She always does! I hope You like vampire sucks =P


Ubaid said...

Salt bohat lame movie hai... na dekhna

and Abhay deol is a brilliant actor

quartertoinsane said...

wid ubaid.. salt sucks... vampire sucks would have been better, bt m wid anything that insults twilight...

Sidrah said...

haww =o


it could have been better =|

Nostalgic said...

But I likey Salt :( maybe cause I'm way too much inspired by lady agents, Angelina was fab and the only 'thing' worth watching!

Sidrah said...

its downloadimg =o
till then am gonna watch two weeks notice ^^

majworld said...

Edward cullen :@:@ i hate him..y girls like him so much :S..thanks god u r samjhdar girl :)

ph_the princess said...

you know honestly I have better picture of edward cullen when I read book than Robert :$
by the way you've been tagged to a post back to school by me :)

ph_the princess said...

woopsies :P I saw your comment on my site right now guess you know about tag :)

Anonymous said...

Salt is fun. Story not good, but Angelina looks good.

You have now confused me to watch Aisha :P


Mia Mirza said...

Salt sucks bad... and Robert Pattenson has killed Edward... seriously.

Ms.R. said...

Ohh Wake Up Sid happens to be my all time favorite. Just love that one again and again and again.

Sana Castellano said...

I told you Aisha wasn't good!! =P
The whole world of Stephanie Meyer is gay. Vampires Sucks sucked? Oh what irony..

quartertoinsane said...


Tazeen said...

I don't like vampire stuff :( I Think Edward wears more makeup than Bella :/ :D

But I want to watch these movies too!!!

And... I want nail colour (yes, I sound like a brat. Mood swing.)

Lots of love.

Sidrah said...

@pH n mia
me too =o robert pattinson has made him gay! Haven't seen salt yet Oo

@sana n salman
Aish isn't bad, it is just a copy of clueless =| if you haven't seen cluless, it wont matter =P

of course he does, if he wont how on earth will he sparkle =P

Sidrah said...

quartertoinsane said...

LoL LoL =D

@Ms. Mia
ranbir kapoor is a cutie ^^

Sana Castellano said...

Eid pe dekhen =P
You are gonna bring your notebook, right?
I watched Before Sunset <3

Sidrah said...

yes of course i will Oo wid my perfect usb =] =P

Sana Castellano said...

Can't wait =D

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