Saturday, August 28, 2010

Patience Pills and Lipgloss

Beware! This is going to be another random weirdish selfish elfish post. Enough of -ish.

Yesterday I kept bugging my parents until they took me out to shop. We couldn't go to the place we want to because the buses were burning there (Karachi is so hot!).We got stuck in traffic for like 2 hours. My dad got cranky and started grumbling. I went all emo, no patients pills for a girl like me. My mum was like let's go back home. This annoyed me more. I was on a brink of rudeness when we found a parking space (double parking, by the way). I was the excited happy little elf all over again. Until my mum said don't take too long in choosing the dress. You got emo me. I get emo, too, you know now. Shops after shops, no wonder dress for me. Seriously, whoever design those dresses had no idea of the color combination. Yellow and purple, reminds me of Barney. Yes, I know Barney has no yellow in him, but it just did. Am not a big fan of Barney.I have issues. Pink and green, reminds me of barney again (just kidding). Defeated, we decided to go back. When my dad spotted a shop, just in the front of our car! I cannot believe we overlooked it before. Maybe it magically appeared. Unemoed I went inside, hope bursting out from my heart. I got it! It was a good, good shop. Awesome dresses in reasonable prices (my dad was happy when he saw the dresses I chose had no tag of Rs. 10000000 or other such absurd prices). Then we went home and lived happily ever after.

Until this evening.

My parents are being lazy again. I need shoes, I need different shades of nail color. I need a USB. I need some funky jewellery. I need many other things. They say I need patience pills and they are probably right which is annoying.


What were my parents used to be before they became parents? Aliens of the rural areas of Pluto? OMG. It is not even a planet anymore! Are only mine like this? Please say no or I might just die. Oh, I do heart my parents, very much, but they can be a pain in the neck. I guess, they feel the same about me. Am no angel. However, am going to be a cool mum.

I wish this picture had a grumpy dad too.

I wish I had a sister. Make it 5 sisters. Then it would be fun shopping. My friends live too far away, can't shop every time with them *sigh*

But then again, I would have to share my things with my sisters, so that's all right. I can live.

Looking forward to Wednesday =) Sana and BFG are coming over my place for Iftaari. I miss them, and the fun we have <3

I don't know what lipgloss is doing on the title post. I don't need it *shrug*

Sidrah xx o(^-^)o


Anonymous said...

I bet i am the one who wants an elder sister the most in the whole world :(

Sidrah said...

please tell this to my stupud little brothers, they might appreciate me then Oo =)

Najwa Pervin said...

It was fun reading your tale !! No wish I had a sis too

Sidrah said...

*stupId -___-


majworld said...

nice post..luvd reading whole of it :) u do need patience pills..:p enjoy ur iftar with friends..

Sidrah said...

I would buy but I dunno where to get them =D (I also heard they are very expensive)

majworld said...

Oh, dats not a big problem. I can supply u on discounted rates :p but for that u need to be bit patient :p

Anonymous said...

Nice post! enjoyed it =)

Nice blog you have got

would try to come back some time again with a little more elaborated thoughts =)

Ally said...

I love this post =p I have the same feelings as you do about the whole shopping thing =D and I'm the eldest one in my family so I have this pressure of being "a role model" and a "responsiblle big sister" lol but it also has its benefits ;) =p and btw, your blog is cute!! :)

ph_the princess said...

Okie I am agreeing to KHI IS SO HOT =p lol I wish for having a NORMAL sister so I would have some fun with her :/ Girl you got EMO on just that !
Wonder what issues you've with Barney :P lol
I wish you have double the fun you expect on wednesday <3

Tazeen said...

I call myself lucky for not having a sister :P Though sometimes, sisters could be a real blessing but then I'd have to share my stuff with her, which I'm not good at :/

I haven't given my clothes to the tailor yet! :o And I have no shoes :(

I'm glad you got a beautiful dress. Eid's incomplete without one ;)

Mia Mirza said...

HAHAHA! I thoroughly enjoyed this post. Finally someone besides me has issues with Barney! Thank Heavens for small favors =P

Anonymous said...

well i have a sister 2 n she is verysweet although sometime annoying but i cann tolerate it
well ur post is quite nice n gud that u got the dress n gudtime with ur friends at iftari:)

Sidrah said...


I get emo quite a lot =o
childhood issues =|

@nJ n ally

hope you get your dress soon =o

@mia n reeeds


Mia Mirza said...

You've been tagged =)

Sidrah said...

awwie.. thanku =o

Sana Castellano said...

Haw. Fun post! I'm glad you got the eid dress in the end *happy ending* =D we'll wear 'em, the frock ones, when you come to my place okiee.
Yes, every1z parents do those things. I mean, when you grow up u might too o.O
I want some sexy jewelery and shoes too =D
Wednesday is almost here, woot! =D

Barney is a nice freak.

Sidrah said...

Yay yay, it is Wednesday tomorrow ^^

Yesh, we are gonna meet on eid, too o(^_^)o

Barney seems evil now Oo so does Dora.

siras said...

Haha! Aww, I have one sis and she's already married! So, its sad without her now!

Glad you got a pretty dress for Eid. :)

Sidrah said...


awww, hope you get to meet her now and then =)

Closed eyes... said...

This is the most happening post ever. :P
And it's NOT just your parents. I share the grief. :D

Sidrah said...


Sidrah said...


Anonymous said...

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