Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Such Awesomeness

So I came across this site called '1000 awesome things' ...and it was awesome!

Few things I find really awesome are:

- When I paint my nails (of both hands!) and they look Perfectly amazing. A Perfect Hair day. Perfect Kohl on Eyes (mostly it looks a if someone has given me the black eye!). Happens rarely.

- The relief when you get home, throw your shoes away and lie (anywhere!) after a long tiring day

- When only I Know the answer in the whole class. Gets embarrassing but we all have our moments.

- Teachers decide to take the day off. Or walking into the class and seeing the substitute teacher,
- When I am able to walk 1 hour and avoid yummy stuff for a day. Mission accomplished.

- Getting into your old dying comfy clothes (your mum hates it)

- The happy Friday feeling,

- A nice long chat with my parents and brothers before going to bed (ending without quarreling. Awesome).

- When a baby decides it likes you.

- When my dreams come true (it happens to me all the time. Small blurry meaningless things I see in sleep comes true!)

- The night before the Big day. Hyper and excited.

- Eating popcorns. Making your own breakfast once in a while. Evening tea. Surprise gifts, call (or a text). Surprise slumber party?

- A perfect calm day with your friends.

Oh no, this is getting long, so many awesome things... but lets wind up.. last one:

- Listening to songs that remind me of old happy (and sad) memories. Some of them are:

1. One Heart and Nelly Furtado's Powerless remind me of school days and afterwards. Got my first cellphone, made my ID on orkut (it sucks now, though), I lost all the baby fat (it was the BEST thing!), BFG became one of my best friends and countless more.

2. HSM's Everyday .. Ahh Zac Efron. We were totally crushed. The song is awesome. long, tiring and funny college days. Good old stadium, Ms Pink's library, burning hot ground, crowy trees, talent shows on benches, dizwom-wifey girls... Miss those days.

3. Within Temptation's Angels - after college, made my 1st blog, 17 turns 18, makes me miss the person who has changed alot =/

These days my Life's theme song is Breathe 2 Am.. Old song, but I Love it =)

Sidrah xx o(^-^)o


Anonymous said...

for me awesome wud be, when I am able to find yummy thing in the day..:)

Anonymous said...

thats a pretty awesome list :)
It's good to know you can step back and praise life and its blessings :)

oh,BTW,a Zac efron fan in here,eh?

SaJ said...

Awesome :D
with you on every point except the nail polish and the kohl bits...!
oh and throw in Zach efron too...hmmph.

Sidrah said...

@existing somewhere
oho, not now.. over him =D


yes, yummy food is awesomest! ^^

Anonymous said...

lol :D me too ;)

Ubaid said...

Fit hai :)

Shaheryar Hasan said...

Awesome (Y)
I guess my list of awesome things would pretty much be the same. Good going. Nice post. :)

Sidrah said...

@existing somewhere
good =P


do you paint your nails too?? Oo JK.. =o

Sidrah said...

oops.. it's existing somehow =| silly me!

Impossible said...

wow..... u got ur points

Sidrah said...


Sana Castellano said...

Okay ^__^ I so want to paint my nails too. I miss HSM days! I don't crush on Zac much now tho', now theres Jude Law! xD
I like perfect, calm fun days with friends xD when we eat lots of yummy stuff and catch up on with each other! The feeling of knowing the answer in class =( I miss it... dow killed a part of me. I hope I can bring it back =D
Okay, so the BIG day? night before it?
=D I like shopping too! and aaaah, =) I do miss our college days! Love the picture!
I might do a post like this.
<3 =D
xx Sana

Sidrah said...

sana!! I miss college days too =o esp our lil library!
(and eating slims n buns)

Big day.. any big day =D like this tuesday night i will be excited about the poster competition!

We keep doing our awesome things ^^