Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Height of Brutality (Sialkot incident)

I wish I had not seen it. Don't tell me you did not cry (or wanted to) after watching the video of Sialkot incident. The gruesome murder of those two innocent brothers (one of them Hafiz-e-Quran) is horrifying. The maniacs, had they no fear of Allah? How can a human being commit such horrendous act? The corrupted police forces of our country can do anything for money. The dear policemen Helped the mob instead of saving the boys. Even if the boys were thieves, which they were NOT, the villagers (or whoever they were) had no right to torture to death them like this. You want justice done, follow Islam and its rule, do not make your own. You cannot take two human lives so brutally. Plus the people watching and busy making videos in the crowd, they could have stopped if they wanted to. No one stepped out and helped. How can they watch it! The boys must be fasting, the animals killed them in daytime before Iftaar. My heart goes out to their family. What they have got to live for now? Pain and anger. Their grandfather in the interview, said in tears even the butchers don't kill the animals like his grandsons were killed.

I pray those evil bastards get hanged to death. Sounds evil but they do not deserve to live. They had planned this murder. The shameless crowd should be punished too.

May Allah give strength to their family and the souls of the boys rest in peace in heaven. Amen


Tazeen said...

God will punish them :(

I didn't watch the video.

Sidrah said...

Don't ='(

Nostalgic said...

Sigh. It was heart-breaking!
May Allah the Almighty rest the souls of the oppressed in peace and guide us and give strength to their family members to bear this tragic loss. May Allah's curse be upon them who participated and witnessed this barbaric incident

ph_the princess said...

*Sighs* I call all those people equally culpable who were standing there watching the violence to occur ! :(

Sidrah said...

I agree with u, pH!

Sana Castellano said...

Ibrat milay aese logo ko =[
Not much proud to be a pakistani..
i got this text today.. u know how we always say Pakistan Zindabad??
It sed : pakistan se zinda bhag.
The sad thing is.. it is quite true.


Sidrah said...

yes, very sad