Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Evil Inside

No matter how nice and pleasant we appear we all do have an evil streak in us. Humans are not perfect. I guess it is the cause of violence and cruelty in our world. The tangible strong force is not external, it is in our minds, when there is light, there are shadows too. Everything has to be balanced. But, hey, we choose our own thoughts. Anybody can plunge a knife in someone's heart (OMG), however, what set us apart is our choices. We can do it, but we choose not to. Henry Jekyll decided to suppress his evilness and when given the chance he showed it in the form of Mr. Hyde (all about it is here). Evil thoughts are manifested by us, by believing in evil you actually create it (Edgar Cayce)

Yes, you might not agree, but this is what I believe. Even the nicest person in the whole world can be pissed off about something and lose his temper. It depends on our control. As they say "When anger rises, think of the consequences"

Let's try to ignore the guy on our left shoulder =) and kill him slowly =o ... think good, good follows. Think evil, evil follows.

Going to call my friend and then gonna watch There's Something About Mary =) I like Cameron Diaz (she looks a bit like Donald Duck O.o)

Night Night =)

Sidrah xx o(^-^)o


Anonymous said...

agreed, the evil inside us only..In ramzan, it would be more clear when shatan will be closed :p..and very rightly said, think good, good follows :)

pH_the priness said...

Choices are yours and you're alone to chose ...isn't it ? we are always provided with two options , one way is right other way is wrong so it is clearly upto us to set off for any of these ! and as you said think good , good follows :)
Losing temper is other case it is not like you lost your nerves and attempted a murder :P (sometimes it is and that's another psychological case:P)
Well written

SaJ said...

Cameron Diaz=Donanld Duck!:D hell yeah! (especially when she opens her mouth ;)

You say it depends on our control. But maybe we're also afraid of the consequences. So we're only really angry when we think we don't care what happens next. And usually we're wrong. We wind up caring more than ever.

ps. Stab the heart...don't stab the heart. Reminds you of Captain Jack Sparrow, in all his glory! :D

Sidrah said...

thanku ^^ <3

@saj yes we aren't thinking when we are mad, but next time lets take a deep breath n try =)

Sana Castellano said...

Yep, totally! As it goes, your thoughts are magnets. If you think endlessly good, tow u will attract good, and the same goes with bad.
I lub you and ure my bestie and ure beeaauuutiifull and funnnn =D *hugshugshugs!*

xx Sun!

Sidrah said...


I <3 u too o(^_^)o

MK said...

I think Cameron Diaz looks like a duck at times too! But I still think that she's awfully pretty. I love the reference towards Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. I read that book ages ago, and was startled by how painfully and vindictively it painted the evil in human nature. I think it scared me too.

Sidrah said...

i think so too =]