Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Big-ish Day

Finally, after the rain, bad halat of Karachi and whatever, tomorrow is the BIG day, our effin Poster Competition. I will post the pictures tomorrow on this post =) ..please like ours the best!

We are all ready for it! Submitted the poster today. It is a bit glittery, nice red, black and cute yellow! There is this silver Mr. Tooth who is Gay and looks handsome with its little red bow.

and.. (let's talk about me).. I have painted my nails a funky shade of coffee, my new dress is waiting to be worn, studied a bit too (dental fluorosis is not that interesting). The new purse Hafsah gifted me is too small so I cannot take it (my ugly black n white bag will do). Asma is supposed to bring matching earrings for me =/ I hope she won't forget! So If we won't win, at least we will look good!

Asma might also give her birthday treat ^^ that means trip to the mall! Yay .. we will have to buy gifts for her? Oh no.

One thing: Real friends are NOT supposed to betray! No cheating allowed. Friendship is way more important than Rs 5000 (isnt it?) TRUST is like a paper, once crumpled, it won't be PERFECT again. Value your friends, don't get so low for money. Let's be good

Friendship Is Precious. Heart it.
Update: We didn't win but still it was good fun .. we did look good. So here's the picture!
Our Gay Mr. Tooth!

And.. our poster.. =)

Sidrah xx o(^-^)o


ammar_nasir said...

best of luck for the competition :) :)

Sidrah said...

thanku ^^

Anonymous said...

gud luck for the competition..nd is friendship more imp than 1000 rs also :p sure buy a gift..

Hafsah said...

yes u r rite..frnds shud b valued, Abdullah is der for our financial support :P
it wss alot of fun workin at ur place^^ all da songs and khana and laughter and stupid jokes, dats more vlauable den 5000 now dats wot i think :D <3

anyway our poster is super cute!!!! i dnt Care abt da remainin 6, dey r alrite :P
best of luck to usss.. be ready to face Sir sushii z blank face :P
and yea we vl tk picturesssssssssssssssssssss :D
yippee yooooo, m xcited!

Anonymous said...

Friendship is.......something i am missing =/

pH_the princess said...

Sidrah huge huge huge sack full of prayers for you GOOD LUCK !
oh funky shade of coffee sounds cool :)
See your friend who is bringing the jewelery I actually do this job in my circle :P LOL If I am guessing it right go with the antique earrings they'll look awesome :)
Wese best wishes girl !

Sidrah said...

don't you forget wajiha =)our NEW best friend.
Am too excited (I got up 5:15 am) =P

not even one good friend? Oo

yup, all kind of money (the poster prize is rs 5000 =D) I will have to buy gifts =|

antique sounds good, and is this job fun? =D i have to do this too sometimes, I don't realli like it *wink*

Thanku all <3

SaJ said...

Good Luck for the Big-ish day :)
looking forward to seeing the posters!
ps. your thoughts in brackets and in red...love em :D

Sidrah said...


Sana Castellano said...

Aww, i loved ur poster! And all the drawings! And Darren Aches (the gay tooth)
I like coffee for nails! ^_^ and Yes, friendship is a gift =D

Sheza said...

love your poster! looks a like a LOT of hard work! way to go!!

siras said...

Aww, nice poster! And cute Mr. Tooth. :D

And friendship IS the most valued thing ever. At least it should be. :)

Sidrah said...

thanku, guys <3

ph_the princess said...

I like the poster you guys have worked really hard ! yeah it is a fun job if you have a very good taste I enjoy it :)

Sidrah said...

we had a good time! =)