Monday, August 16, 2010

Wonderfully Random - A Wonder

A wonder tear drops from the sky
The stars laugh, and they die
The beauty of moon is the sun's gift
The fallen angels will never lift
Love flows from the heart
You can drown and be its part
Go, catch a fallen star,
it won't burn you
Go, travel the universe
in every hue
Color your dreams, not just in black and white
Let it be red, blue, green, every dark and light

Yay! Its Ramadan ^^ How is it going? I feel this holy month flies away real fast. Before you know it it will be Eid.


Yes, am no supergirl out to save the world, no child prodigy, not a hottie, no beautiful voice, am not sugar, spice and every nice, get it.. but I think in my own my little way, in my own little world, I have made a wonderful mark which has made me Wonderfully Random. I know there are some people who cannot imagine life without little Me.. and that makes me happy. This goes for all of us! From now on, you are not just a random person living an average life, you are wonderfully random.. Wonderful for your loved ones!

Love yourself  =)

Happy Ramadan! Eat lots of fruit chaat, dahi barey and pakore! Never forget to thank Allah.

Sidrah xx o(^-^)o


Tazeen said...

I lurve the little me too! ^-^

Sidrah said...

yay =D

Anonymous said...

I love your positivity Sidrah!! :)

Sidrah said...

am a very optimistic person.. so much that it gets annoying =P

Anonymous said...

haha, do not worry girl, optimism never annoys me, it makes my day :)

Anonymous said...

nice nice message :) have a gud ramadan :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Ramdan sunshine :)

Ubaid said...

Love the post :)

p.s. following your blog

Sidrah said...


Sana Castellano said...

Yes, I know how that feels and it is great *hugs* love the poem, it is beautiful. =) <3

Sunakshi said...

Ramdan mubarak :)

beautiful poem. <3

Sunakshi said...

following you on twitter now xD

SaJ said...

Haha, Random's good.:D
Elfs keep rozas too? ;)

Sidrah said...

this elf does =P

thanku, followed u back =)

ph_the princess said...

belated ramadan greetings to you too :)
love the poem especially *love flows from the heart , you can drown and be its part*
indeed you are a wonderful person :)

Sidrah said...

awwie thanku! =)