Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Realization (one minute long)

As I have nothing better to do, I keep checking the remaining battery of my laptop, that's how dull my life is this minute. Days pass in a blur, I am pretty much busy, I keep doing my daily stuff with no real interest, I am in black and white. Then, when the time slows down at a certain point, when I am stuck in that minute, I see some colors, I realize there is more than just living my daily routine. Things waiting to be uncovered, places to go, people to meet and love. Life cannot be only about studying, eating food, being with your family and friends, reading, watching movies and sleeping, can it be? I cannot be in black and white. I know I have other colors waiting to be washed in. I check the battery again (73 % remaining by the way), I am in this minute now, the moment has got some hold on me. I can think but not move on. I need some change, good change. I want to know why I am here and more important, who I really am. Who knows I might be a real elf?!

Life is about waiting and being patient ..this sucks, usually, you know. Who really lives in present? We are always worried (or excited?) about our future. We can't forget our dear past. Maybe this is how it is supposed to be. Maybe not. I hope not.

I see people claiming to be in love when it is only infatuation, girls trying to diet and eat at the same time (count me in), people bitching about their friends, people desperately waiting to be in love, people in funny relationships where there is no love nor any respect, kids demanding too much from their parents, hearts getting broken, tears of joy, new love, hope, fear, anger and revenge. There is a sort of longing in us. all the time, hardly any satisfaction. When we get what we have longed for, we forget and cry for something else. Humane, I guess

Why am I scared of spiders when I know they cannot hurt me? I want to overcome this fear. Just a tiny start.

Not a very happy-little-me post. Oh no.

Anyway. I want to change the layout. Pink isn't my color, I uploaded this one because it is neat.. I like neat. Watched Killers last night, it was not that good as I thought it would be. Ashton Kutcher is still cute, though. Watched Shutter Island few days ago. Oh, I Loved it! *grin*

I am making a list of things I want to get for Eid, I am afraid it keeps getting longer and longer.

Sidrah xx o(^-^)o


Anonymous said...

Sidrah! Oh my dear Sidrah!

why do I see this post not as happy and happening as he others? Was my sadness lessening that you decided to join in?

Come one now girl, make the list! NOW! Divert your mind :) Humain bhi tow pata chalay what does this lady want for eid :)

Anonymous said...

loved reading the post..words so true that we all know, but like to read or hear :) so true, there is always a longing for the highest and wishes getting bigger..satisfaction is missing...
enjoy ur eid shopping :)

Tazeen said...

I loved this post. Yes, it was quite unlike you but still, I could relate to it. For a day or two perhaps, I am not alone :)

Spread joy whenever you can, love.

Sana Castellano said...

Happens one time or another, to everyone I guess.
But yes, life is about so much more and also about the little everyday things. =)
=D Keep smiling.

Ubaid said...

haha I love existing somehow's comment

ph_the princess said...

it is good to see that you can atleast sense the colors around you in this situation instead of getting numbed ! I know you'll be over it soon :)

Sidrah said...

@existing somehow
LoL =D that was just one of those days. Am back (i think so) =)
Sure, I will post the list ^^

my blog missed your comments =)

Thanku, all <3

Anonymous said...

I second Ubaid, i thought sidrah is the lively flower on the blogosphere :)

جيسي فهد said...

You're too positive to talk this negative P: You seem like such a happy person Sidrah! But I seen in the end you cheer up! Don't get down about silly things. Just know this life is to worship Allah and enjoy the simple pleasures given to us :> Seek new hobbies, volunteer, do something you never have before! Go on a trip, write an essay for fun, make videos, cook something new, watch a movie out of your common taste. There is tons of things that you can do out of routine : ) I used to feel this way but I just seeked out tons of hobbies and make a list of goals to achieve~ It sounds silly maybe but it works!

ph_the princess said...

@ Sidrah : that was very sweet of you :) thank you very much girl !

Sidrah said...

oh i didn't know that =o
everyone feels down in a while =)

yes, you are right. If we are kept busy with something we like, we are happy =)
Thanku for visiting <3 ^^


Komal Ali said...

We all have our sad days. :|
Have fun getting stuff for Eid. :)

AND I second your decision of a new layout. :p

hera k said...

I feel the same way too on my bored to death days. Somehow boredom makes me negative. And I keep on checking my cellphone battery the way you check your laptops'. Hope you become happy soon. The world is at times messed up but then again somethings just bring a smile. Hope you come across more of those.

Sidrah said...


chaned it *wink*

am better now, way better ^^