Sunday, August 8, 2010

Laughter Just Bubbles Up!

My little brother came up to me and told a sad news. His 2 days old yellow chick had died. I started laughing (how evil). My brother looked shocked. It was just that I felt so sorry for him that I had to laugh. God knows why it happened.

A woman after attending a funeral of her mother was on her way home, news came her father had also died. She laughed for 2 good hours. Don't tell anyone but this woman was my grandma.

Once in 4th grade, a teacher was scolding me, I burst out laughing loudly - I thought he looked like a monkey from Dexter. Eek.

And sometimes on lame things like.. 'am on a diet;.. 'I love you with all my heart' .. 'how do I look?' (my mum laughs Every time I ask her), when some one slips, on a stupid joke..sooo many things!

See.. laughter just bubbles up - on inappropriate moments too

We don't have to learn it, we are born with this capacity. - do you know how do apes laugh? They pant! Laughter is contagious. Whenever I hear my father laugh (often over a silly thing on news) I start to giggle At his laughter -sounds so funny! My mum goes tomato red when she laughs, and most of the time my brothers and I are laughing at her redness.

My university friends, Hafsah, Asma and I have this great 'Our Song' 'Anu malik's Dekho Baarish Horehi Hai'.... the song goes like 'Dekho baarish horehi hai.. it's raining, it's raining.. dard horaha hai.. it's paining, it's paining'

Dumb, right? It makes us laugh, simple!

It is so lame that we actually sing it (with our own lyrics).. be it anything. On Hafsah' s brother wedding we sang 'dekho shadi horehi hai'.. we have created full songs (there's a exam songs, cafe song, fail song, anger song and even a baby birth song). If I post, my blog will be R-rated -___-

We saw its video after 1.5 year of Hafsah's raving (she had introduced us to this song). We couldn't stop laughing. One of our friends laughed so loud that we thought she's being murdered. If you are retarded like us and laugh at lame stuff, do watch its video. What was that guy thinking?
We find it awfully funny. It is one of those things.

...ahem ahem...

I read somewhere that 'Laughter is a celebration of Good'. So do it often =] It brings us joy, makes us feel lighter, we look prettier, its playful and Fun! We have cried after laughing.. ah, emotional moments... and laughed after crying.. happens alot. I do feel better, refreshed.. anew.

When do you laugh??

P.S it is raining so hard.. Ask for forgiveness! Allah bless us.

P.S2. I bought a rusty colored CUTE dress today.. *smile* ..and I walked in rain, a bit. It was awesome!

Sidrah xx o(^-^)o


Hafsah said...

i was laffin thru out da post..its soo funny, i remember all da songs now :D, n asma k reaction on every weirdoo stuff i sing.. we really laff alot wen we r together i was scared ur mom wud think im retard.. n i knw hafsa num 2 almost pass out wen she is laffin =o i literally do get
anyway...laffter is da best medicine.. :) so keep smilin ^^ n wait for more songs, mujhe aur b bht aate hain :P :D
loVeee uuu <3

Thinking said...

hmm...well good post...

In the coincidence we(me and my sister) were talking about something and I told her that if someone wants to take away thing under her should only makes her she laugh with her eyes closed...

So...I told her to get rid of this habit as her children are getting cleverer and they will soon take the advantage of her

Good one.

Sidrah said...

lol.. i <3 u guys!! It is so much Fun when we are together!
Hafsa2 scared me that day =s
btw we are retards =D

i HEART the comment ^^

lol.. ur poor sis =D

Najwa Pervin said...

Oh laughter just bubbling up is something suffered/enjoyed for e very long time ! I remember laughing so hard at most lame jokes in school and college that my class fellows would give up laughing up at the joke and start laughing at me !! My teacher always had one complain - "She laughs too much" ;D

Sidrah said...

I can imagine =D

Anonymous said...

hahaha, this was wonderful. i never thought of it from this perspective. though i never smile, but laugh, and weird laugh i got hehe :P
but seriously, i loved this post. this is true, so true. WE ALL HAVE THIS ABILITY TO LAUGH *Aweein* :P

Anonymous said...

Do you even understand love?

Tazeen said...

I loved this post! :D I laugh a lot too and every time somebody scolds me, he or she resembles a funny character and I try not to laugh :D Hehehe!


P.S.: Beautiful blog!

pH_the priness said...

Sidrah it was not lame neither was it dumb ! laugh when you feel like , can any one control laughter ? I don't know but I seriously can't :P I laugh on silliest things :P I liked the post !

Anonymous said...

and a laugh at the post too :D..nice one..and recently I had such un controllable laughter when i was at barber, and a bald guy with few hairs asked for hair trim..was so embarassing for me..

Sidrah said...

oh yay .. Keep Laughing, you guys =D *big grin* ...*retarded laugh*

Sana Castellano said...

i laff. i laff the last, i laff the last. i laff the longest. i laff at horror movies, inappropriately, i haff an evil laff, a baby laff and a laff that is so me!
i laff when its sad, i laff when its happy. my tears mingle with my giggles, and my lungs run out of breath.
laffter is amazing.
laffter is magic.
laffter is love.
laffter is human and umm, life!
This is one of ur best ever posts.
Hahahaha =D

Sidrah said...

i Heart your comment, Sana =)

Komal Ali said...

Worth a good laugh. :D

Sunakshi said... happens a lot with me too.i often laugh on pointless things.even at that time too when i am suppose to shut my big mouth :P

AND YA THAT ANU MALIKS SONGS IS SO DAMN FUNNY..only he can come up with such stupid songs :D LOL

Sidrah said...

i know wht you mean =D

Tauqeer said...

Its sooooooo refreshing to read that people still write about good stuff in life!

-Keep smiling ;)

siras said...

This was a MOST WONDERFUL post to read. Make me laugh, smile, feel happy, alive. :D

Sidrah said...

awwie.. Thanku =D